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Let's rethink energy together

How do we lower greenhouse gas emissions while meeting BC’s energy needs? We work together to rethink energy.

FortisBC is British Columbia’s foremost energy provider and serves more than 1.2 million customers with natural gas, electricity and propane.

We're working on an achievable, affordable long term path to meaningful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction based on four key areas: investing in low and zero carbon transportation, continued growth of Renewable Gas, increasing investment in energy conservation and supporting British Columbia's goal to establish itself as a global leader in low-carbon LNG.

In 2019, FortisBC set its 30BY30 Target – aiming to reduce customers’ emissions 30 per cent by the year 2030. To reduce GHGs effectively and affordably, now and through 2050, natural gas and electric systems will both have key roles to play.

As FortisBC has both gas and electric infrastructure, we’re uniquely positioned to help drive a lower-carbon future. To realize these opportunities, we are working with municipalities throughout the province to find ways we can provide the energy they need while meeting their climate action objectives. Partnerships with BC communities underpin our 30BY30 Target and your continued involvement in shaping our energy future has never been more important.

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